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Meetings have been held with church leaders to appeal to them to preach a message of peace and to ask their followers not to take part in violence. We warn especially young people as having a criminal record can disrupt their lives.

Government condemns fear mongering In the past few days, we have noted a new phenomenon of people who make use of social media to instil fear in different parts of the country.

Furthermore, the employee testified that he had recommended former Daily Despatch editor Brendan Boyle be employed by the paper following Boyle's employment being terminated by his then employers on the grounds that he had too had sought to be on the DA's parliamentary list.

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South Africa is amongst one of the most diverse countries donwald pressly business report the world, culturally and economically. Directors-General and Heads of other institutions present Members of the media Fellow South Africans Good morning to you all, Welcome to a briefing to provide an update on the work that government is doing to bring an end to violence, looting and displacement directed at people from other countries who live in South Africa.

Shireen Davids Mr Donwald Pressly, hereinafter referred to as "the employee" faced two counts of misconduct to wit: Obama was delivering the keynote address on Tuesday at the 16 th annual lecture in honour of Mandela, fondly known as Tata and Madiba, marking what would have been the former statesman's th birthday.

They have been sending out fictitious SMS and WhatsApp messages with fictitious and photo-shopped images warning people of eminent attacks. He likened the process to a job application where the employee hardly ever alerts their present employers that they are looking for employment elsewhere.

To the countries that continue to invest in South Africa, we want to re-assure them that South Africa is a constitutional democracy governed by laws. By then the tweet had been retweeted by Business Report's online editor and was a matter of public knowledge.

Government will enforce the laws of the country and will not hesitate to act speedily and decisively on any criminal activity committed by or against a foreign national or citizen of South Africa or those found to incite violence.

The employee said no further or other request for consent had been made in terms of 2. Trauma counselling and debriefing services are being provided to individuals on site at the shelters. This failure was intentional and amounted to a breach of the Company's Editorial Code of Conduct and of the Code of Ethics.

We would like to thank media who have been responsible in reporting the matter accurately without sensationalism. The only difference is that he contests the company's View of the seriousness of the charge, hence reference to it being a "minor infraction" and "a difference of opinion" as to when to tell the editor about the intention to pursue a political career as he himself has admitted.

Two different stories, two different narratives about who we are and who we should be Mandela died in after a long illness.

The fact that the employee did not do so at this stage and indeed at no other stage, suggests that he has the intention of grossly and negligently failing to disclose timely to his editor his the employee's political interests and activity.

As a nation let us not forget the hospitality that was bestowed on us. If the employee had no intention to withhold information from his editor, the employee would have at this stage started to appreciate what he had got himself into.

Any credible information that suggests an eminent threat against any community, South Africans will be officially advised by the relevant authorities. We are constantly reviewing our security arrangements, assessing the current environment and determining what additional measures may be required.

It is in the nature of journalists to find themselves with knowledge that the owners of would haw preferred had not been revealed.


As a nation let us not forget the hospitality that was bestowed on us. Meeting with diplomats from other African countries The Minister of Home Affairs, Malusi Gigaba, met with the representatives of the African countries.

Government is working closely with civil society to provide all possible support to the displaced as they await reintegration back into their communities. The employee's continued reference in the course of the hearing that politically induced damage to the paper would have been caused by the proprietor's publicly declared allegiances to the governing party suggest that the employee recognizes that declared political allegiances can cause reputational harm to a newspaper.

Government calls on those who are involved in such acts to stop it. By Donwald Pressly* Donwald Pressly, Cape Messenger editor. There are a host of questions about Sekunjalo’s purchase of South Africa’s biggest English language newspaper – and online news – group, Independent Newspapers, which took effect in August The latest Tweets from Donwald Pressly (@DonwaldPressly).

Editor of Cape Messenger. Cape Town. Racial discrimination still exists in US and SA - Obama at Mandela lecture. One of the world's most admired former presidents Barack Obama has acknowledged that racism still existed in.

Government on progress made to bring an end to attacks on foreign nationals. 19 Apr Media statement on progress made by the South African government to.

Pressly, Independent settle dispute

Hungry for US dollars, Nigeria may give MTN a naira ‘refund’ in latest fiasco. Independent Newspapers announced on Monday that it had relieved Donwald Pressly of his responsibilities as Business Report's.

Donwald pressly business report
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